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Recent Advances in Tropical Ecological Modelling

Short title: Tropical Ecological Modelling

Chairs: Mateus Dantas de Paula

Contact: mateus.dantas@senckenberg.de

Tackling the complexity of ecological systems and understanding patterns and processes for the advancement of theoretical ecology and informing policy makers has been the main goals of Ecological Modelling. Due to their complexity, tropical ecosystems have been for decades a major challenge for the field, due to large spatial scales, biological diversity, interactions and novel processes in relation to other ecosystems. In spite of this, major advances in data collecting, artificial intelligence and improvement in computer power have provided new and exciting insights on key facets of tropical ecology, often out of reach for conventional empirical methods. In this session, we showcase recent work which advance theoretical and applied ecology through the use of models, involving remote sensing, process-based models, machine learning and random forests, species distribution models or other novel methods.

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