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The role of biodiversity for biotic interactions and ecosystem functioning

Short title: Biodiversity, biotic interactions and functioning

Chairs: Eike Lena Neuschulz, Jörg Bendix, Nina Farwig

Contact: eike-lena.neuschulz@senckenberg.de

Climate and land-use change modify the structure and composition of ecosystems across the globe. The severe loss of biodiversity calls for a mechanistic understanding of the relationships among environmental change, communities, biotic interactions, ecological processes and functions. Functional traits are considered as key to describe these relationships. Tropical mountain ecosystems with pronounced gradients of environmental conditions can be used as natural experiment to study the links between environmental changes, biodiversity and ecosystem functions. In this session we aim at compiling the latest knowledge on patterns of biodiversity and ecosystem functions and processes across elevational gradients. A special focus will be on the use of functional traits to model and predict biotic interactions and ecosystem functioning across elevational gradients in tropical mountains.

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