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Exploring multi-level species responses to environmental changes in tropical mountainous ecosystems

Short title: Ecology of tropical mountainous ecosystems

Chairs: Dr Joao de Deus Vidal Junior, Msc. Ana Patricia Sandoval-Calderon

Contact: jd.vidal@unesp.br

This session aims to convene ecologists and researchers to delve into the intricate relationship between biodiversity, climate, and vegetation in tropical mountainous ecosystems. By linking studies from different tropical regions on multi-level species diversity responses to environmental change, we want to deepen our understanding of ecological changes in these fragile and megadiverse landscapes. This session will be a platform for presenting novel research, discussing methodological advancements, and sharing empirical findings. Throughout the session, we aim to deepen our understanding of the mechanisms driving changes in species composition, community dynamics, and ecosystem functioning in the face of climate and land use change. The ultimate goal is to foster knowledge exchange and collaboration among high-level ecologists and experts in this field. That will enable the development of more comprehensive conservation strategies and sustainable management of tropical mountain ecosystems in the face of environmental change.

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