Call for papers

Submission of abstracts for sessions

Starting by mid November 2017, you are cordially invited to submit an abstract for your planned contribution to the conference in the form of a poster or an oral presentation.

Please ensure that your submission arrives by 19 December 2017 CET at the latest.

How to submit an abstract

You will have to register first in order to submit a paper online.
Everybody is entitled to submit 2 contributions. To submit an abstract of your contribution, please follow the instructions on the online submission form and fill in the appropriate fields.
Abstracts are limited to 2000 characters.

The themes are given below. Please select the corresponding scientific session where your talk/poster might fit in best. Contributions to other topics within the frame of tropical ecology are also welcome and will be organised in additional thematic or free sessions.

Tropical Molecular Ecology

Ecology and taxonomy of tropical bryophytes

Advances in Canopy Science

Altitudinal gradient

Audio and video monitoring

Molecular taxonomy and cryptic species in soils

Tropical trees Ecology and Evolution

Diversification of African forests

Tropical Forests in Space and Time

Savanna functioning and dynamics

Mangroves functioning and management

Continental Wetlands

Tropical tree allometry

Dispersal and connectivity in the tropics

Tropical networks

Tropical forest nutrient ecology

Manipulations of tropical food webs

Holobionts, microbiota, ecology marine ecosystem

Tropical soil ecology

Tropical marine ecosystems and anthropisation

Human-modified tropical forests

Future scenarios for the Congo Basin

Rehabilitation of tropical forest landscapes

Impact evaluation of forest certification

Tropical Diseases, Pathogens and Vectors

Climate change

Resilient rural landscape for Rio de Janeiro


Remote sensing forest response to ENSO: opportunities and challenges