Tropical marine ecosystem in the Anthopocene

Mangroves functioning and management

Continental Wetlands

Savanna functioning and dynamics

Diversification of African forests

Acoustic survey in tropical ecosystems

Advances in Canopy Science

Tropical trees Ecology and Evolution

Free Session : Tropical Diversity

Tropical soil ecology

Molecular taxonomy and cryptic species in soils

Tropical Molecular Ecology

Tropical tree allometry

Tropical forest nutrient ecology

Altitudinal gradient

Ecology and taxonomy of tropical bryophytes

Manipulations of tropical food webs

Tropical networks

Free Session: Frugivores, seed dispersal and forest regerenation

Tropical Forests in Space and Time

Climate change

Remote sensing forest response to ENSO: opportunities and challenges

Rehabilitation of tropical forest landscapes

Resilient rural landscape for Rio de Janeiro

Human-modified tropical forests

Impact evaluation of forest certification

Future scenarios for the Congo Basin

Free Session : Tropical Ecology and Conservation