Call for sessions

The organizing committee encourages all members of gtö and scientists interested in tropical ecology research to organize and chair sessions for presentations or workshops.

The overarching topic will be “Interactions in tropical ecosystems: organisms, environment, and people”.

The annual conference of the Society for Tropical Ecology (gtö) will provide an interdisciplinary platform for discussing major challenges and future opportunities in tropical ecology, including:
Proposals for sessions will be accepted until 10 September 2020. We welcome proposals addressing the above-mentioned topics as well as all other topics relevant to tropical ecology.

How to submit a scientific session subject proposal:

Proposals should include the following information:

  1. A session title
  2. A short title (max. 5 words or 50 characters)
  3. The goal of the session (half DIN-A4 page)
  4. A list of potential speakers
    (please note all potential speakers will have to register and pay registration fee)
  5. Names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of chairs (up to four chairs per session) (please note that diversity and gender parity is highly encouraged among both chairs and speakers)

Please use the online form to submit your proposal.


For session organizers who proposed a session for the Leipzig conference in 2020:
We like to invite the session organizers who submitted a session proposal for the conference in Leipzig to shift your session to the upcoming conference in Prague 31 January to 3 February 2021. If you like to do so please click on your session title. An email will be sent to the corresponding author of your session including a link to your submission. You can check the entries in your proposal, do changes and re-submit the proposal. To confirm that you like to shift the session to the 2021 conference in Prague you need to follow this procedure. If you don’t re-submit, we assume that you don’t like to shift the proposal to the 2021 conference.

Session title
Submission date
Below- and above-ground networks: joining people, perspectives and methods
2019-09-22 05:57:53
Towards a new generation of ecosystem and land surface modelling and sensing for tropical hotspots
2019-09-22 20:33:44
Mangrove ecosystems in the Anthropocene: Facing changes and management challenges
2019-09-29 21:14:40
Novel insights from a hidden world: microbial ecosystem functions and plant-microbe interactions in (sub-) tropical ecosystems
2019-09-30 13:02:53
Sustainable hunting in the African tropics
2019-09-30 13:29:52
Tropical forest recovery after disturbance
2019-09-30 15:10:20
Managing tropical agricultural land-use systems more sustainably for people and nature
2019-10-31 14:34:45

New session:


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